Monday, January 11, 2016

A New Year, A New Gun

One of the ways I like to ring in the New Year is by getting a new gun, so I went to Gebo's and bought a wood stocked Ruger American, chambered for . 22LR. Why?

Why, LSP?

Because I wanted a bolt action, wood and steel replacement for my ancient JC Higgins .22, and Ruger's offering seemed right. Excellent fit and finish for the money and, if it's anything like my Ruger American .17 HMR, far more accurate than I am.

Nice Bit of Tang, Note The Buck

The rifle features a tang safety, a flush 10 round rotary magazine, compatible with the ubiquitous 10/22, and iron sights. The folding-leaf rear sight is the same as the 10/22, but the front sight's an improvement, a green Williams fiber optic.

Go Green

The stock's checkered and shaped per its synthetic twin, and you either like it or you don't. I think it looks sharp, and the rifle certainly feels right in the shoulder.


At $359, I don't think you can get a better new, off-the-shelf deal, and you can see its specs here. But how does it shoot? I'll find out tomorrow.

Gun rights,



LL said...

I'm sure that you'll love it.

Good choice. And when your boys come to visit they won't break the bank by firing it to their heart's content.

LSP said...

That's exactly what I was thinking.

Fredd said...

Reverend: I am guessing you own about a gazillion guns. I'll bet keeping them clean calls for a lot of elbow grease.

I, too, am a gun owner. But I own ONE gun. A nice, little .357 magnum Taurus revolver. I clean it about once a year, just to keep the rust off of it. It has never been fired. With God's Grace, it never will be fired. I built a secret mechanism that only I and one other guy (a relative) knows about, and when activated it produces this gun for my immediate use. One would have to demolish my house to find it. It is loaded with hollow points, all six cylinders, and has no safety.

Obviously, it is for the protection of my family only. I have no use for target practice - I was active duty army for over a decade, and you don't forget how to point a locked and loaded gun at a bad guy from 10 or 15 feet. Like riding a bicycle, there's no need to think whether there is a bullet in the chamber (there is), whether the safety is off (it is), whether a magazine has been inserted (no magazines with revolvers). I can brainlessly grab this gun, point it at the bad guy and pull the trigger (it's double action) and be 100% confident that I will have a dead bad guy after the dust settles, no glitches or any of that.

But that's just me. Owning a zillion guns will achieve the same goal: dead bad guys.

Brighid said...

Love my Ruger 22LR. Got it for cheap. It was sold as used, but I don't think it had ever been fired. I can shoot that thing all day for less than the cost of one box of Hornady CD.
You and the boys are going to have fun! There should be an Appleseed class near you, sign the boys up. They'll get in some good shoot'n and history at the same time.

LSP said...

I do have a few guns, Fredd, and like to shoot and hunt, though I don't do as much of the latter as I'd should... But a .357 Magnum? Yes, please. LL recommends the Colt Python; pricey, though. In the meanwhile, I make do with a Glock 21.

LSP said...

Appleseed's a very good idea, Brighid. Thanks for the reminder.

LL said...

Firearms are tools. Some people need only one tool. Some prefer to have more.

When you consider that my fantasy is simply to buy out a Snap-On truck and put the tools in my garage, it's easy to take the leap from there to my love of other tools.

LSP said...

I feel the same way, LL.