Friday, October 23, 2015

The Witch Wants What's Best For You

Just kidding! This actor wants what's best for herself, i.e. moar power. Will she get it? Good question and I guess that depends on whether people want to vote for a person who helped supply Al Qaeda with arms and blamed an Ambassador's death on a video.

Then there's the secret server and the magically erased 30,000 emails. Nothing to hide there, move along, vote for Hillary.

In the meanwhile, Mexico is being struck by the biggest hurricane ever, and Texas is besieged by the weather.

Is Hillary behind this? Is she a Weather Witch? Or just another inside-the-beltway Illuminati shill for the New World Order.

Or both,



LL said...

Remember that the guy who maintained her server has taken the Fifth and refuses to testify on the grounds that what he might say would be used against him? Yeah, well, forget about that, nothing to see there.

If we would only stop using oil, we could avert storms like the one slashing Texas.

LSP said...

Thank God the Keystone pipeline's been stopped. Imagine the Weather chaos!

Adrienne said...

I watched about three hours of her testimony in which she said, "I never said the video was the reason for the attack." Well, slap me silly and call me dumb. We all listened to her say that very thing. Are we all insane?

And let's not forget Lois Lerner going scot free, because, well, she just made a few mistakes. Try that tactic the next time the IRS comes after you.