Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dove Hunting

Still fortified by a lunchtime bean and brisket burrito from Karen's, I went for an evening dove hunt with GWB.

After a short walkabout in search of the avian acrobats -- there weren't any -- we set up in a treeline and waited. It was good to be out in the clean air and cool (for Texas) breeze, but where were the birds? 

Upgrade Needed

They showed up as it was starting to get dark, in something like three small waves, flying fast. Off went the guns, big excitement, and for me... a miss. GWB brought one down though, right at the end of the shoot. 


So most of those dove lived to fight and fly again another day, not dissimilar to ISIS, after being "attacked" by our airforce for over a year.

Speaking of which, here's a photo of US Foreign Policy.

US Foreign Policy

Hunt on,



LL said...

It's a good thing that you can always return to Karen's for a delicious bean and brisket burrito (with red sauce) or you'd starve to death. Then again, it would take a lot of doves to fill anyone's gullet.

Native life in Texas was sustained by the buffalo. When they were all killed off, the Comanche surrendered and were moved to Ft. Sill, and learned to eat beef -- and beans -- wrapped in a freshly made flour tortilla. So you're in good company.

Adrienne said...

The sight of those useless hippies makes me want to rush in and stomp them to death - slowly. Okay - not very Catholic or lady-like.

Adrienne said...

Oh, and I make my own burritos. I don't make my own tortillas any more. Too much work when you can buy perfectly acceptable ones in the store.

LL said...

Adrienne, I'm not trying to pick a fight with you on LSP's blog, but Karen's tortillas are exceptionally fresh and light (naturally made with lard, which imparts flavor and flakey texture), and you can't buy them in the store.

Karen's is a "shack" and was spared from a tornado last year that wiped out everything around it. Naturally as a Catholic, you'll see God's hand in preserving the shack for the Parson, who would go on hard scrabble if Karen's wasn't there...

LSP said...

Good Comanche point, LL, and I have to say, the bean & brisket burrito is a great thing.

Adrienne, the hippies are from the famous Californian Source Family commune, led by an interesting character called Father Yod, who died in a hang-gliding accident in '77, in Hawaii.

Very stompworthy. Any resemblance to US foreign policy is entirely coincidental. Or not.

Mattexian said...

Interesting fowing piece. I've got two shotties. The first I went the economy route with a new Maverick 88, with a home-defense length barrel. The second was passed to me a few years ago, my maternal grandfather's single 16. I imagine it did a bit of everything around their farm, from unwelcome critters in the henhouse to adding a rabbit to the dinner table, before they moved to town (Temple, Tx) during the war.

LSP said...

I really need to upgrade, Mattexian -- some kind of double, probably. I like Franchi, a bit pricey though.

LL said...

People who live in communes are commun-ists. (Archie Bunker wisdom)

Adrienne said...

LL - No offense taken. Of course tortillas made with lard are better. And pie crusts made with lard, too. We had a local place here that made their own, and they were to die for. It was a popular place and just disappeared one day. Maybe the goblins got them.

I still make them once in awhile, but I usually don't have time.