Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Blackhawk Holster For The Glock 21 Review

I was looking for a holster for my Glock 21 that, in a word, worked, didn't break the bank and could be used at the range and for open carry. I settled on Blackhawk's Serpa Concealment offering.

It comes with two mounting options, a paddle, or a belt loop attachment, and both allow several cant positions for the holster itself. Assembly is easy, simply screw the holster into the attachment you want to use at the position you like. Don't be an idiot and overtighten the supplied screws, or you'll bust your new holster. 

Back of the Paddle. Note Cant Positions

The paddle comes with two snap in retention hooks that fit into the back of the paddle and stop it coming free. The belt attachment has two detachable snaps that adjust the attachment to the size of your belt.

What are the benefits of this holster? 

Its special SERPA Technology locks your pistol into place in the holster and it can't get out unless you depress the special SERPA Auto-Lock Release on the outside of the holster. This gives you weapon security. According to Blackhawk, your pistol isn't going to fall out of the holster, which is important, but you also have to be able to draw your pistol. How does that work? 

Mysterious SERPA Tech

Press the special SERPA Auto-Lock Release and out it comes, ready for action. To that end, Blackhawk advertise the holster as having a "speed-cut design for rapid draw, target acquisition and re-holster," as well as a "full firing grip for draw and immediate retention upon re-holster."

Is all this true, or just another exercise in marketing flimflam, flummox and smoking mirrors?

Don't Believe The Hype

I'd say it's true. Blackhawk's holster holds the Glock 21 tightly, in a mechanical Serpa grip. The pistol's not going anywhere unless you use the holster's release. And sure enough, its design makes for a quick draw, placing your index finger naturally over the trigger well, ready to shoot. That done, the pistol fits back in its holster easily and clicks authoritatively into place. Serpa Tech seems to work.

SERPA Auto-Lock Release

But there's a catch. If you have a stroke while you're drawing your pistol and allow your index finger to slide ineluctably from Auto-Lock Release to trigger, you might have a negligent discharge and shoot your foot off, or your buddy, or whatever. Don't do that, keep your finger off the trigger until you're ready to shoot. Personally, I don't see this as a problem, some PDs and competition shoots do.

So, if you want a holster that works, consider Blackhawk's Serpa. It costs around $40. You can conceal it, too, somewhere.

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LL said...

I have a serpa and prefer belt loops to the paddle because sometimes you draw the whole paddle holster. I have different holsters for my G-21 depending on where and how I want to carry, but I think that you made a good choice. The weapon retention option, favored by some is not my preference because I am not out confronting bad guys in close proximity where it would be an issue. At the first sign of trouble the handgun comes out.

It's a philosophical thing. I've done this enough (having pissed more salt water than some have sailed over) to know when to draw and when not to. So far, it's worked ok. So I don't go for the high tech retention as a favorite option.

LSP said...

Hi-Tech is great until it breaks... that said, Blackhawk's Serpa seems rugged enough. But I'd go for something else to use for concealed carry, unless I was always wearing some kind of coat.

LL said...

The cheap rough leather holsters for use inside the belt with the silver clips work well. They're simple, they're inexpensive, and they are time-proven.

jenny said...

What a great holster! We need to see it modeled, though, for it to be a proper review.
And next, please review a holster for a .38 special.

Fredd said...

Where I live, all of this concealed carry gear would land you in the Big House for 15-20, with maybe time off for good behavior. That is, assuming that you actually got caught wearing it and the heat within. I dwell in the Land of Lincoln, where concealed carry laws are perhaps never going to see the light of day.

LL said...

An armed society is a polite society.

LSP said...

Very good point(s), Jenny. Must get on the .38 Spec holster...

LSP said...

Isn't Chicago in the Land of Lincoln, Fredd? I understand only the bad guys get to conceal their pistols there. Saying that, I like parts of Chicago.

You must move to Texas soon, and help defend against the Golden State surge.

LSP said...

It certainly makes people think twice, I think, LL.

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