Thursday, August 20, 2015

You Lying Blacktivist

Yet another famous blacktivist, Shaun King, seems to have been caught pretending to be black when he is, apparently, white.

Like Rachel Dolezal, King thought black lives mattered so much that he had to become an African American. This helped him to get a coveted Oprah Winfrey scholarship to the prestigious black university, Morehouse.

Two White People Pretending to be Black, Pretending to be Farmers

It also helped him to become a prominent black civil rights campaigner. But Shaun, are you sure you're black? Maybe race, like Bruce Jenner's gender, is a construct that we invent as we go along. 

Surely Some Mistake

In the meanwhile, the Black Conservatives Fund PAC has offered to give Black Lives Matter $25,000 if King can prove that he's the blacktivist he says he is, and not a lying fraud, running around in blackface.

Good luck,



LL said...

Hey, race is a matter of a spray-on tan and a perm. That's the new racial means of identification. And if the enterprising can milk the Afro-American thing for all it's worth, get your free ObamaPhone, your Negro Scholarship Fund money, etc. who am I to put them down.

It's not a matter of genetics, because no matter what parts Bruce Jenner cuts off or puffs up, he's still a man, even though he's legally a woman. How is race different?

jenny said...

Exactly what LL said.
It's all a ridiculous game.

LSP said...

LL, are you saying that Shaun was "born that way"? (white) As for "Jail Time Cait," never in the field of human history was so much money spent by one narcissist on trying to keep up with the Kardashians.

LSP said...

I feel a bit sorry for Rachel and Shaun, Jenny. Why did they feel compelled to put on blackface?

Not a recipe for success.

LL said...

(cue: Battle Hymn of the Republic background music)

I don't know. Would Rachel have risen to the presidency of the NAACP chapter if she'd been openly white? No. They would have discriminated based on race. Would Shaun have risen to be a black, white hater in the blacklivesmatter movement if he'd been openly white? No.

These poor people had to remain in the closet until they could emerge as full fledged negroes...absent genetics, to flower like roses and become who they always knew they were inside.

Mattexian said...

This is like some Bizzaroworld parody, a reverse of Dave Chappelle's skit about the "black White Supremacist."

LSP said...

It's all very odd.

LL said...

When Blue Incognito starts walking upright and buck dancing, dying the gray and white parts black, we will need to worry. Watch him closely.

LSP said...

I'm keeping a close eye on him. No ebonics, so far.