Monday, August 24, 2015

Black Monday!

The markets were tanking, so I went for a shoot with GWB. The guns were black, although my pal took his 30-06, Winchester Model 70 Featherweight, which is wood and steel. 

Market Forces

He wanted to sight it in before going on a shooting safari in Africa. I've asked him to send me a monkey.

Get in the X Ring

Winchester dialed in, it was time for some battle rifle action. I shot at the 100 yard bench and the ARs seemed on and well capable of Minute of Crashing Dow (MCD).

Man Down in the War on Weather

The pistols worked too, as witnessed by a handily swinging steel plate. But here's the thing, we're in a war against the weather, as well as market forces and their bankster backers. This took its toll. 

Your Old Friend

It's raining now. I thank God for that.



LL said...

But no mounted saber practice against a quatrain?

LSP said...

You're right. A glaring deficiency.