Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tropical Storm Bill 2015

The War on Weather took a savage new twist, as Tropical Storm Bill blew into North Central Texas from the Gulf.  As much as 12" of rain are predicted to fall today on several already waterlogged communities in the Lone Star State, threatening to overwhelm local infrastructure  and the renowned Alamo spirit of the population.

Storm Chaser

Here in Hill County, situated between Dallas and Waco on what some call the "I35 corridor of desolation," resources are at breaking point, as streets flood and high winds rip through once prosperous farming communities.


"If only we'd have gone and paid the Carbon Tax!" stated one devastated resident, as she surveyed her home, "I thought climate disruption was just a money grabbing scam, cooked up by New World Order shills in Big Government, and their transnational Illuminati puppet masters. Now everything I left outside is wet, because of rain. This is a war."

Typical Texas Storm

Will the Brazos overflow its banks and turn Waco into Little Venice? Will Dallas become a city of islands, clinging to high ground as the waters rise? Or will Texas finally come to its senses and confront the greatest threat this nation has ever faced, The Weather, and pay the tax.

Prepared. Note Fishing Rods

This, as with Bill itself, remains to be seen.

From the eye of the storm,



LL said...

I afraid that I will be forced to deny that there is rain in Texas. Earlier this year the Obama Administration predicted a serious drought as part of the national dialog of global warming. How could Barack and Hillary be wrong? To presume that they could be wrong is also to presume that their train of advisors such as Rev. Al Sharpton is not a man of God in constant communication with the Almighty for the benefit of Barack and Hillary - who relay that information to the small people.

Sorry. NO rain.

That's just your lying eyes...lying wet shoes and socks and so forth.

LL said...

Those boots in the photo don't appear to be the "approved boots" as defined on Virtual Mirage...

LSP said...

Well, you see, it's a lot drier here in Texas which is why it's wetter. That's what Global Warming does, because it's settled science, just like taxes, which make everyone richer.

Barack and Hillary have told us this, so it's true.

And you're right. I'd better hurry up and replace those boots!

jenny said...

Nothing overwhelms the Alamo spirit! It's a good time for fishing, that's all. (Watch out for the alligators.)

lukeya said...

Get your wellies on Padre and stop moaning. Bit of rain never hurt anybody...

LSP said...

I'll be careful, Jenny, the alligators are real -- who knew?

LSP said...

Must get a new pair, Lukeya. Useful in the mud. And for wading down the canals that were once streets.