Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Episcopal Church's Long March to Gaydom

Everyone knows that the once respectable Episcopal Church has gone gay and that they're mirroring the US Supreme Court. I guess their tax exempt status will remain intact.

As the 78th Convention of the Episcopal Church prepares to enact legislation that will enshrine gay marriage in its internal laws, or canons, church leaders expressed satisfaction that this would be the culmination of 39 years of pro-gay activism.

In response to the Supreme Court's ruling on gay marriage, Rev. Brian Baker, Chair of the Convention's Marriage Resolutions Committee, announced to the Press that the Episcopal Church had "been having a conversation around this for 40 years," and that "today was a significant, monumental day."

The President of the House of Deputies, Rev. Gay Jennings, agreed with Baker. This was "a momentous day," she said, "General Convention has adopted over a period of 39 years, advocacy for the support of... civil rights for all citizens."


Quite the march, eh? But bear this in mind, the Episcopal Church lost 200,000 people between 2003-2013 and that shows no sign of slowing.

How many will be left to enjoy the Pink Rainbow Utopia?

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LL said...

Somewhere around 3% of the population of the US is homosexual. The Episcopal Church will have that population to draw from, and likely none other. Assuming you can get 5% of those gay people to join TEC, you are left with roughly 450,000. Attendance rates based on membership are roughly 40%, being optimistic so that leaves you with 180,000 people showing up on any given Sunday or 3600 for each US State. Are those good numbers? I think that I'm being optimistic but one thing is certain, you will lose the straight population if you're known as a "gay church".

LSP said...

I think they'll plateau with an ASA of around 250k/300k -- but I might be wrong.