Thursday, June 18, 2015

Storm Clouds

I went to Walmart to conduct some business, and by the time I left storm clouds had rolled in, like a metaphor for Western culture itself.

Perhaps you remember the lyrics of a '70s pop song, "Your future dream is a shopping scheme"? For "shopping scheme" read "strip mall," and it looks as though those are about to get washed away in the flood of peak retail meets static and declining wages, monster debt and the voracious maw of Big Government. I guess they'll be replaced by Dollar Stores, tire shops and Quinceanera vendors.

But maybe that's OK, maybe a society that's lost touch with reality, to the extent that it thinks gender is a mental construct, can go on forever until it rests in a golden trans utopia of frolicking rainbow unicorns. Who knows, perhaps a culture that actively encourages and subsidizes killing children in the womb, to the tune of $1 million a day, won't somehow commit demographic suicide.

Then again, others believe that as it was in days of Belshazzar, the writing's on the wall.

Mene, Mene,



LL said...

The handwriting is on the wall for all to see and the City of Brass is in full bloom.

Mattexian said...

While I'm not a fan of Pope Francis' remarks about climate change and disparity of utilities (electric grid, clean water, etc.), I do have to agree *to a degree* with his criticism of the excessive consumerism so rampant in society (tho I also agree with a critic, pointing out that half the world would love to live among that excessive consumerism).

I was a little surprised that you didn't have any commentary on the shooting in South Carolina. Especially to criticize Barry for jumping on the "gunz are bad, M'kay?" with his remarks about how "this doesn't happen in other advanced nations. " Um, does Charlie Hebdo ring a bell? Christian Syrians captured by ISIS? I'm working on a theory, that the shooter was inspired or possessed by Evil, because he targeted a church, with several members who were making positive differences in their community, which is something that Satan cannot abide. I guess we can take comfort from the words from the SC Diocese of the ACNA.

LSP said...

Most definitely, LL...

LSP said...

Certainly a satanic act, Mattexian. Good SC link.