Saturday, June 6, 2015

Go On, Walk The Dog

After Morning Prayer, I like to take my dog, Blue Aggressor, for a walk to the local Pick 'n Steal and get a coffee. I like the way the sun makes a shadow of the animal's ridiculously pointed ears.

I don't like standing in line while people in dirty pajama bottoms and slippers get lottery tickets, blunts and liters of soda. But whatever, it's all part of life's rich weave. Speaking of which, there was a weave lying in the gutter on the way to the coffee shop and I was going to take a picture. It lay there, abandoned, for a few days, but it disappeared; I guess someone salvaged it.

Then, coffee in hand, I walk back to the compound with Blue Eschaton. He's taken to trying to attack anything with a trailer, as well as the mail truck, which he hates. Good thing I have him on a leash.

He's a popular dog and I get a lot of compliments, "Good lookin' dog!" or, "I like your puppy!" That said, people tend to give him a wide berth.




Michael Peterson said...

He's a handsome dog. I like the eyepatch, gives him some swagger.

LL said...

I found him to be a loving and well-mannered dog.

LL said...

PS - One day I want to be standing next to a dog and to have somebody ask, "does your dog bite?"
I will say, "no". They will try to pet the dog, and it will turn out to be savage. I will say, "that's not my dog"....

LL said...

Have your boys met Blue Magog yet?

LSP said...

They haven't! But they're keen to. And for sure, he's a good dog.