Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Go On, Fly To Salt Lake City -- GenCon15

I packed my bags, put on a blazer, and flew to Salt Lake City. So why'd you do that, LSP? You ask wonderingly Just for kicks? No, although SLC is a neat little mountain town with an interesting light rail system and a weirdly utopian air. 

Typical SLC Supermarket

No, I'm not here for that, I am here to help cover the Episcopal Church's General Convention. They'll be electing a new Presiding Bishop, discussing ways to "restructure" (downsize) their failing operation, and, of course, approve gay marriage rituals without having to change the heterosexist Prayer Book.

Room with a View

There's some other cool stuff too, like fighting "extremism" (Jihad) by fighting The Weather and funding LGBT advocacy in Africa. But more of that anon.

So stay tuned.


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LL said...

You are our eyes and ears at GenCon.

I hope that reason holds and that people in authority keep their eyes on the cross while making decisions.