Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hands Off! Joe.

Some say that Vice President Joe Biden is a malfunctioning artificial intelligence (AI), with aging circuits and a broken down array of spatial sensors.

Others think that he's just a creepy old man who manages to embarrass Barack Obama himself.

Creepy, aging politician, or broken AI?

You be the judge.



Mattexian said...

?Porqué no los dos? He could certainly be a malfunctioning A I with a core program personality of a creepy old dude.

jenny said...

Hold up! This is huge news! Obama can get embarrassed? Isn't a necessary component a sense of shame, and for that, doesn't one need a conscience?? Are you implying Barak Obama has a SOUL???

LL said...

I don't think that he embarrasses Barack. I'm with Jenny, that would require a soul.

He's just a creeper and these days he goes from one LBGT rally (at a swanky location) to another (at a swankier location) on Air Force 2. What he does at those rallies are anyone's guess. I for one, do NOT want to know what poor old senile Slow Joe does with the trannies.

jenny said...

(you implied he had a soul, but I made the larger error and confused his name spelling with the guy in the Bible. eek...)

LL said...

With all of the Hillary Clinton scandals afoot, Joe Biden may end up as the next President of the United States, Commander-in-Chief and Leader of the Free World. He's only a single heartbeat away from that job now.

The only way that Joe could compete with a scandal racked Hillary Clinton would be if he ran as a WOMAN. That may explain his hanging with the LGBT community these days.

I may be breaking the story of the decade here on LSP.

LSP said...

Why not, Mattexian? Good call.

LSP said...

I'm not sure that androids, like the Prophet Class, Barack 'droid, have souls, Jenny.

LSP said...

I understand that sources deep within the intelligence community believe Joe is about to "transition."

I know you can't comment, LL.