Monday, April 6, 2015

A Mixed Grille

Easter dinner meant rib eye steak, more rare than medium, and lamb chops. They were pretty rare too, and I guess that made the paschal feast a bit of a mixed grill.

The aging Queen of Pop has a grill.

So does super-star songstress Rhianna.

And Nicki Minaj, and many, many more.

They say the Vatican's recent Exorcist training conference was sold out.

Kick out the Jams,



LL said...

Exorcism would be useful in the case of Hillary Clinton. Who knows what she might be like if the demon left her body?

jenny said...

eek. Next time, photos of the meat grilling, instead!

LL said...

I'd like to attend the exorcism course. Can I audit the class or must I enroll?

As to grilling, the photos put me off food in general.

Unknown said...

Padre - great choice on the Easter mixed grill. Agree with Jenny though. Photos of the grilling meat please...rather than those 'grilled' individuals.

PS Beach hols in South of France this summer - near Montpellier, for la famille. Plenty of food photos to follow.

LSP said...

I'm not an expert, LL, but I think the Hillary Exorcism would be long and dangerous.

I see a movie...

You might be able to audit the course, or simply attend. Book well in advance, take a tomahawk, maybe a "crying towel."

LSP said...

The grill was delicious, Jenny! The Grillz? Maybe not so much.

LSP said...

Jealous of Montpelier, Unknown.

You should do a "food" guest post.

Mattexian said...

LL, I'm afraid that if you took the harpy out of HRC, you'd be left with an empty shell. (To quote Kevin Sorbo's Hercules, "Once you've got harpies, you can't get rid of them!") I had my time with a grill, but back then we called them braces. Much prefer the grilled meat now.