Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Paul's Cathedral Hate Crime

Listen up, Haters, maybe you didn't get the memo, but St. Paul's Cathedral in London is putting an end to your hate-filled antics, with a yearly Act of Remembrance. These special anti-hate events are held every October in Christopher Wren's architectural masterpiece, and how did they stop hate, in 2013?

Singing by the London's Gay Men's Chorus, lighting a Candle of Hope and Remembrance, a poem, "To LGBT Russia with Love," and much, much more. In 2014, the Cathedral changed it up a bit, with a Diversity Choir, just to keep the haters guessing. Here's an excerpt from the awesome anti-hate poem:

"Whether you are L, G, B or T
We are a community, by necessity 
When any one of us is persecuted 
We should all take it personally."

Perhaps you think I made that up, you know, just for kicks. Think again, Haters, and listen to the whole thing here.

In the meanwhile, ISIS laughs and Welby grins.



LL said...

What do you do if you are a straight white male who doesn't want to walk like a duck and dress up like a girl and you are still hated? (I'm thinking of soldiers) Does Pope Justin and his entourage still love you?

LL said...

I have never seen anyone so hateful as an LGTG person toward somebody who doesn't approve of their perversions.

I'm thinking of Abraham visiting Sodom...there was nothing but hate for him.

LSP said...

I think that soldiers would have to be re-educated at poetry & song diversity workshops. Until they became "Chelsea" Manning.

Anonymous said...

Hang on, Hitler was Gay. His Bavarian Police file tells us that. So who are the real haters?

LL said...

The the Church of England also embrace necrophiles? I realize that most of them are also undertakers. If so, it would stand to reason that they would help fund mobile brothels that take the recently deceased around to people who "love them".