Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cooking, with LSP

You can't cook with LSP! I hear you say in that half-dismissive, half-indignant way of yours. But you can! And here's how.

Get some 80/20 Chuck, separate it out and add seasoning, salt and pepper, not Worcestershire Sauce, Tabasco or some other thing. You're making hamburgers, not Bloody Marys. Wash your hands in cold water and shape that meat into balls, then press them into 3/4" patties. Put those patties in the refrigerator as you fire up the Weber. I prefer two chimneys of charcoal. 

Cold Steel Force Recon 1

Why? Because you want the grill to be hot. Then have a glass or two of ice-cold beer, why not? There's no law against it, and when the charcoal's ready, spread it out and cover the grill to preheat it for around 5 minutes. Uncover and get the patties; put them on the hot grill. It should sizzle. 

Glorious Gloucesters

Cover the grill and let the meat cook for 4 minutes. Uncover and flip the burgers. Cover again and cook for another 4 minutes. Take the burgers off the grill, and cover in tinfoil. Then toast some buns; be careful, they don't take long, and use Sesame Seed buns, not some weird "artisanal" high-stepping tomfoolery. 


Lay out sliced onion, tomatoes and iceberg lettuce, English mustard, ketchup, and Duke's Mayonnaise. Say grace, and eat those burgers like a chieftain.

And that's cooking, with...



jenny said...

I heartily second the Dukes. There is no other mayonnaise.

LSP said...

Jenny, you are ENTIRELY right.

LL said...

Yellow mustard or Gray Poupon?

The choice of mustard is critical.

Adrienne said...

Even better, grab a Angus chuck roast, run it through your meat grinder (coarse), make patties, grill, and enjoy - which is exactly what we did last week.


LSP said...

I like Yellow, LL.

Lately, that means English mustard, (powdered, add water) because I enjoy the sharpness.

I know, others like something else. And they're welcome to it.

LSP said...

That is a very good idea, Adrienne.