Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Chrism Mass, 2015

I drove to Bedford today, which is a kind of suburb of Fort Worth. It's where our cathedral is and that's where we go every year for the diocesan Chrism Mass.

It wasn't good to drive through the metrosprawl, but I did like being with the clergy and meeting up with like-minded friends.

Blue Liturgical came along for the ride, and got looked after by the kitchen staff, while we ate lunch. He seemed to enjoy the adventure, and one senior clergyman told me that "you should never trust a priest who doesn't like dogs."

God bless,



jenny said...

I've been to Mass there a couple times.

I like how Blue Aloysius always has a "What NEXT????" look on his face.

Adrienne said...

Blue Magnum has that cray-cray look in his eyes again. Do you think it may be because it's Passion Week?

Your cathedral is lovely.

LL said...

Blue Defender-of-the-Faith looks as if he enjoyed the trip, traffic and all. Then he didn't have to drive...did he?

With the enhanced cognitive cyborg implants and the full combat biological enhancements he should be able to - if he can grip the steering wheel with his titanium fangs without shattering it.

LSP said...

He's always up for the next adventure, Jenny.

LSP said...

Glad you like the cathedral, Adrienne. The libs, that are suing us, badly want that building.

LSP said...

He had a great time, LL. And I'm looking forward to his upgrade, which might also mean upgrading the truck, too.

Anonymous said...


LSP said...

More Humvees, please.