Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Three Cal Pistol Shootout

Tuesday evening seemed like a good time to get some well-needed pistol shooting in. So that's what happened, the contenders being a Smith & Wesson .38 Special snubby, GWB's Sig 2022 and a Beretta PX4 Storm.

Well Done, Sig

The Sig shot the best group of the day, with GWB sending three 9mm rounds neatly into the X Ring.

Shoot the Snubby, LSP

I was pleased with the little .38 too, which consistently put bullets somewhere near the center of the target... But don't be fooled, this diminutive old-school revolver can shoot much better than that, I just need practice.


There was nothing wrong with the Beretta either and as always, fun to blast away with the explosive power of a .45.

Finished off with some rimfire plinking. And what's wrong with that? Nothing at all. Except in England, where it's banned.

Keep squeezing the trigger,



jenny said...

cute little .38 Special!

LSP said...

I think you have to have one.