Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mission Accomplished

Here in LSPland you wake up on a Saturday morning to the din of the chickens, say your prayers and wonder, "What next"? There's a few options, you can ride, shoot, fish, and all of these are good, but I didn't go down any of those routes. 

Karen's Was Established in 2006

No, I wanted bean and brisket burritos from Karen's Authentic Mexican Food, in Itasca.

So I climbed in the truck and went out and got those burritos. Were they good?

Oh yeah.



LL said...

That is a fair piece from Austin

LSP said...

Austin. I'm working pretty hard to send it to California, so it can team up with San Francisco.

LL said...

Austin is more of an outpost for San Francisco as California spreads it's spores to californicate Texas.

LSP said...

Like, like some kind of alien pod invasion?!?

That's what I feared.

LL said...

You need to check every person who claims to be from California. If they don't have a navel, you should run.