Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Scary

Have fun trick 'r treating and remember. Halloween isn't Satan's birthday.

Pretty scary demoncrat pumpkin, eh?

God bless,



LL said...

Is it Obama's birthday?

LSP said...

Trick, or Treat?

LL said...

Maybe I should be handing out packs of carrots and celery to the children with Michelle Obama's face on the bag (to scare them) much more politically correct could you get than THAT?

LSP said...

They might try and attack you. Just War style, and they'd have a point.

LL said...

The little gremlins would likely key the crap out of the Parson mobile if you pulled that nasty stunt.

While politically correct, I suspect that the White House would not indemnify you for personal damage because you don't belong to one of the protected groups. Maybe if you got all of the parsons to join a labor union, you'd get more love from the ObamaNaiton?

LSP said...

Or, on the other hand, turn Muslim.

LL said...

You could become a mullah and move from there to imam or Grand Mufti.

It would be more politically correct, though you'd have to work on really bad hygiene, and only fire your rifle in the air (when you're happy or when you're sad).

And worry about a Texas sniper taking you out at 1500 meters.