Monday, October 13, 2014

Creepy Episcopal Bishops Terrorize Town

A California town has been terrorized by a sinister crew of creepy clowns, masquerading as "bishops."


The "bishops" have posted pictures of themselves on the social media site, Instagram, prompting fears of an epidemic of Episcopalian clowns overrunning Bakersfield.


Some have speculated that the creepy clowns are the Right Reverends Bruno, Andrus and the "scary old dyke," Mary Glasspool.


Said one Episcopal Church expert, "What a gang of evil-looking, goof-off clowns. They're probably just bishops, messing around, scaring people."

Glasspool & Bruno

Scared? You should be.



Brighid said...

LOL, have you ever been to Bakersfield...? This is nothing new!

LSP said...

heh. Bakersfield. Taken over by clowns.

LL said...

That lady is scary enough to make a train jump the tracks and take a dirt road to avoid her.

LL said...

Stephen King's famous clown "IT" comes to mind.

LSP said...

Mighty scary, that's for sure.