Monday, September 1, 2014

Opening Day of Dove Season, Evening Shoot

This morning's shoot was so enjoyable we decided to do it all over again this evening. First off, I moved along an avenue of trees with my philisophical friend GWB, hoping to flush out some birds and sure enough, one or two were flying. Great excitement and I tried to make up for my morning's slow start with some fairly aggressive shooting. It paid off well enough, a couple of dove down.

Decoys But No Dove

Walkabout over, we set up in the corner of a 100 acre field and waited for dove. A couple flew over, were missed, and then nothing. Perhaps the evening's shoot was going to be a bust, despite a promising beginning; typical Opening Day.

Stand To

I needn't have worried. After reverting to the morning's treeline spot and waiting for about half an hour, the birds starting coming in in waves. Like at Imjin Hill but from the air, and birds instead of fanatical Chicoms. Needless to say, the shooting was fast and furious and before long there was a respectable body of dove on the tailgate.

Kind Old LSP

Great result and some of the most enjoyable shooting I've had in a while. Looking forward to the jalapeno, bacon and dove poppers.

I love dove hunting.



LL said...

Jalapeño, bacon and dove poppers sound delicious. And there's enough dove there for a few poppers.

LSP said...

They are tasty! Add in the morning's birds and we were getting on for the limit.

Cold beer now...

Brighid said...

Poppers sound yummy, recipe please!
Good shoot'n Padre!

LSP said...

Thanks, Brighid.

Recipe's simple: Cut jalapeno(s) in half, scoop out pith/seeds, fill pepper with cream cheese and add 1 dove breast. Wrap the pepper in bacon, affix with toothpick and grill.

Right tasty!

Brighid said...

Thanks for the recipe, that sounds doable, even for the cooker challenged like me!
How do you like the Yeti? Thinking to get one to put in ol Ugly (Dad's boat), very pricy here though.

LSP said...

Give it a go! The YETI's a nice bit of kit but they are pricey -- get one if you can. (the one in the pic belongs to GWB)