Monday, September 22, 2014

Horsing Around

Some of my parishioners are afraid I'll come off the horse(s) and die. "Don't go so fast, Padre!" they say. They are serious horse people.


I reply, "Don't worry, if things get tippy I'll just hold onto the pommel thing." 

"Saddle horn," they reply.

Grace Slick

Walk, trot, canter, gallop, run!

Arm the Kurds.



LL said...

Do you wave a saber when you ride around the parsonage? If not, you should. It would give the fire and brimstone sermons a completely different context and who knows, I might fly to Texas to take in the ambience.

LSP said...

It's rare day I'm not waving a saber.

You should join in.

Brighid said...

Ah Padre, visions of Lawrence of Austin...

LSP said...

I think what we'll do is get a Brigade of irregular horse together ("Parson's") and then MOVE SOUTH and raid Austin.

There'd be stops along the way, "Fresh horses and whiskey for my men!" (thanks LL)

Mattexian said...

Maybe a stop in West for kolaches? Would it be a bit too much if I wore some of the trophies from our once-political enemies (now the hippies' idols), like an Ushanka or Chairman Mao haversack?

LSP said...

For sure! I was banking on a stop in West. We'd get some recruits, re-provision and move on to Waco.

Trophies? By all means.

jenny said...

Can y'all bring me some? Sort of a final meal before death by saber? Would like a ham/cheddar savory one and a cream cheese. Thanks.

LSP said...

But Jenny, we'll be there to liberate.

With plenty of kolaches, savory, sweet, whatever.

jenny said...

This is very good news-- on both fronts.
Damn hippies keep trying to steal my new hedgehog hat.