Thursday, September 11, 2014


Here in this country town people mark the 9/11 attack by putting out flags in their front yards. Red, white and blue. I'd do that too, but some kids stole my flag when I wasn't looking. I'd better get another one.

Some of the flag bearers may even remember that today is the 2nd anniversary of the Benghazi massacre, in which Ambassador Stevens was killed by Islamic savages, but not before he was raped burned and tortured for seven hours. "What difference does it make?" declaimed Hillary Clinton. A fair bit, if you're Stevens or one of the former SEALS who died there too. Well done, SECSTATE Hillary.

But there's another anniversary today which almost everyone has forgotten, the lifting of the Great Siege of Malta, on September 11, 1565. Since May of that year, the Jihad forces of the Ottoman Turks had attempted to overcome the island's small Christian garrison, under the command of the Knights Hospitaller and their courageous Grand Master, Jean de Vallete. 

Thanks to the resolute defense of the Island and the timely arrival of a relief force of knights led by Don Garcia, the Jihad army was routed and fled to their ships. Less than twenty years later, in 1571, the Islamists attempted to dominate the Mediterranean again, hoping to capture Rome and from there  on, Europe itself. They were decisively defeated at Lepanto. 

Perhaps we recognize the pattern. Islam, wherever it's practiced thoroughly, is at war with us, following in the footsteps of its founder, the warlord Mohammed. 

Our President, however, appears to be in a state of denial. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant isn't "Islamic", he tells us. So what are they then? Methodists? Parsees?

Don't be fooled,



bluesun said...

To be fair, Hedley Lamarr listed Methodists with the cut-throats and murderers.

LL said...

You presented an accurate summary. And those who forget the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them...except that the outcomes of battles are not always foregone conclusions.

NOBODY on September 12, 2001 would have wagered that a mere seven years later, America would elect Barack Hussein Obama, a closet Muslim, avowed utopian socialist, and metrosexual (freak) as president - twice. It's simply reflective of the rot in society.

(Lord God of hosts be with us yet, lest we forget, lest we forget - Kipling)

Infidel de Manahatta said...

But I'm confused. Didn't Tony Blair say that Islam is the Religion of Peace.™

LSP said...

Hedley Lamarr? What can I say, genius.

LSP said...

Not reflective of anything good, that's for sure.

Lot of Kipling being quoted lately. I like that.

LSP said...

Infidel, you're right. He did.

Vicious rumours that Tony is possessed by a margarine demon are just that, vicious, unsubstantiated, rumours with no basis whatsoever in fact.

I rest my case and will now move to Islington, where I will be rich. Very rich.

jenny said...

The context you added with the events in the 1500's is really telling. Definitely drives home your point well...

I tend to fall back on "But what good is it rooting the problem in Islam? There's no way to eradicate the religion itself... so we have to take each situation on a case by case, nation by nation, regime by regime basis..."

The FLAW though, in that thinking, is that it permits a great deal of pervasive denial. Lots of turning a blind eye in the name of "tolerance" and religious freedom, and unwillingness to name jihad for what it is. Which means atrocities go on for a lot longer, perhaps, than they would if there were an acknowledgment of the root problem in this religion. If it were acceptable to call the pattern of uprisings what it is, then perhaps leaders would be able extinguish them more promptly.

[probably flaws in that thinking, too. haven't had coffee yet.]

My point is, knowledge is power. Ignorance and denial render us powerless -- and potentially quite dead.