Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Burger King Gets Gay

American fast food giant, Burger King, is selling its signature classic Whopper in rainbow packaging. Dubbed the "Proud Whopper," the gay pride burger unwraps to reveal the slogan, "We're all the same inside."

All the same inside? Or just the burgers?

That may be true of the duplicitous gay burger, which pretends to be something new on its rainbow-wrapped exterior but ends up being nothing other than the same old Whopper that people have been choking down for $4.29 since forever. But what about people, are we all the same inside? 

Flaming Broiled

Burger King seems to think so, and believes this reinforces their cryptic new branding slogan "Be Your Way." That argues for individuality and personal expression but if we're all the same inside then what are we? An army of clones? There's no room for individual personality in that, just the gay life of the Burger King Hive Mind.

Welcome to the Hive

Well done, Libs, for yet again producing the exact opposite of your intended result. BK's deceitful gay burgers are being sold in San Francisco. Go figure.



LL said...

Is this a joke?

What is their "secret sauce" in the gay, I really don't want to know.

LL said...

At least they didn't introduce a hot-dog that you have to slip into a bun on your own, complete with mayo-lube.

LSP said...

Some things are better left unsaid, in San Francisco.

Euripides said...

Well, there's another business I never frequent that I'll never frequent.

A gay burger????? Seriously? The homosexual lifestyle is so important to promote that BK created a gay burger?

LSP said...

We must thank God that they haven't introduced the Pride Dog in Bun Mayo Combo.

LSP said...

Seriously, Euripides.

Boycott BK.

jenny said...

LOL ... the hot dog comment-- awful!!!

Infidel de Manahatta said...

The burgers at McDonald's are soooooooo heteronormative!

Brighid said...

I agree with Jenny, the hot dog comment is funny.