Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Archbishop Welby and the Nunn

It seems that the Archbishop of Canterbury's Correspondence Secretary, Rev. Andrew Nunn, has been blocking heterosexual calls. Shock, horror, dismay and surprise. 

According to Virtueonline: (Viz. the repellent Stonewall)

“After a couple of months I emailed Lambeth Palace to check for a response. What I received was a curt email from Dr. Welby's correspondence secretary stating that no meeting could be arranged and that my concerns would not be considered. When I emailed to explain my concerns, from personal experience, I discovered that the gentleman who replied to me was not only openly gay but also aggressively anti-ex-gay. (VOL has since learned that the man in question is Andrew Nunn). My letter and the preview of the Acception Course had not even reached Dr. Welby or his team because his correspondence secretary had deemed it unsuitable - despite it dealing with all bullying and being closer to both the science and the position of the Church of England.”

Unh Hunh.

And here's an excerpt from one of Nunn's sermons:

"February I’ve just discovered is ‘Queer History Month’ a bit like October is‘Black History Month’. The LGBT, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered community are encouraged to celebrate their history and it’s good that this month began in Southwark with ‘Queer Question Time’ at the new Council Offices just down the road in Tooley Street.
"And I’m proud that when that history is celebrated the name of this Cathedral is written within it."

Some Bloke and Andrew Nunn

Make of that, readers, what you will. Vicious rumours that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, is "ring-fenced" by a privileged "pink mafia" of senior faerie queenes straight clergy are entirely without foundation.




LL said...

Is it any wonder that C of E attendance in the UK is at an all time low?

Nunn, the Archbishop's catamite, is merely one of the termites in the old oak.

LSP said...

I like that, "termites in the old oak."

Quote worthy.