Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wrath of God

Heard tell hailstones big as bowling balls been smashing sunroofs in Denton. Wrath of God, friends.

Don't mess with this, fools.

Likewise, Putin, Russia's autocrat, unfurled the banner of the Madonna of Kazan over the Black Sea.

Don't mess with that, Banksters.



LL said...

I wonder if those hail stones send a message beyond one of mere bombardment? I'd feel more content - perhaps vindicated in a sense, if they'd hit Washington DC.

LSP said...

That's a very good point, LL. And I'm wondering, if it's monstrous hail for Denton, what's in store for Austin?

Mattexian said...

Austin's safe, what with the concentration of hippies and the like, there's enough hot air around it to melt any hailstones before they can impact.

jenny said...

Must pipe up on behalf of Austin. We're not a totally lost cause. :) In fact, there are even Anglicans who enjoy good blogs like this one. Glad you had a good hunt, LSP.

LSP said...

Very good hippy point, Mattexian! But how long will the "hot air defence" last against Divine judgement?

LSP said...

That's very good to hear, Jenny. What a good hunt(a bit rare for me...).