Friday, February 21, 2014



Listen up, hunters. Some people scorn small game hunting, preferring to go after Elk, Bear, Cape Buffalo and the mighty Elephant. Some settle for less, the noble Buck, or the the vicious, marauding Hog. But look, don't look down at the option of going after something smaller; you can have all the thrill of the hunt without having to get a lease, or fly to Africa. Enter the BUG-A-SALT. (BAS)

The Original Salt Gun

The BAS is a compact pump-action salt gun and it comes attractively styled in industrial yellow and black; remember, your firearm is a tool and the BAS looks like one. A tool for shooting small game, flies.

Clear Instructions

It's simple to operate. Put salt into the BAS' top mounted magazine, cock the action and you're good to go, off on your fly hunt. This reviewer didn't waste any time and before long there was my quarry, lined up in the BUG-A-SALT's pop-up sights. SALT BLAST. One fly down.

This Thing Works

What's this weapon's effective range? As advertised, about 3' but I'd recommend getting a bit closer to the quarry, shooting from around 1'. Is it accurate? Accurate enough to hit minute of fly. Does it work? Yes. Is it safe? It is, provided you don't succumb to the heady temptation of deploying the BAS at dinner parties where industrial quantities of cheap red wine have been consumed.

Predator Down

So I recommend the BUG-A-SALT, America's original salt gun. It's made by Skell Inc and you can order yours here.

Good hunting,



The Suburban Bushwacker said...

SO cool I'm hoping mine will arrive soon

Adrienne said...

Happy to hear it doesn't "splatter" the fly, but does it splatter salt all over everything?

Thankfully, we don't have many flies here. Does it work on wasps? Now that's something I could really sign on for.

When I'm feeling aggressive, I pop out on the deck and see how many wasps I can smack. Bonus points for hitting them mid-air.

And..........decimating a baldfaced hornet nest? Priceless!

LSP said...

You WILL enjoy the BAS SBW.

PS> Thx.

LSP said...

There is a bit of a "salt all over everything" issue, Adrienne. But well worth it!

Good luck with those hornets.

Adrienne said...

I went to their website. It does work on wasps. They build a lot of little homes on the rafters under our deck roof. I probably spend about $30.00 to $40.00 each spring stocking up on wasp spray. This would be cheaper and easier in the long run. I've put it on my wish-list.

Adrienne said...

Oh - and the hornets? I'll stick to the spray. I hunt them down every year and decimate their nests. I pretty much know all their favorite places to build.

Bald Faced hornets are very, very aggressive. I was attacked once and it was scary.