Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Goodbye, Calgary

Bison Head

After a good night under one of Calgary's many highlights, the Bison Head, it was time to head back to Texas and Lonestarism. All too soon in a way, because I like Calgary and the Calgarians a lot. I like Canada too, which now seems to be rather less sovcom than the U.S. Who'd have thought it?

Just a bit of LSP

Reflections on the hideous iniquity of our political class aside, a minor snowstorm was blowing in as I left the Canada's economic engine. I was half hoping my flight would be delayed but it wasn't and US Airlines duly dropped me off in the hellhole that is Phoenix airport before taking me on to DFW.

Modern air travel, like getting a bus to Gloucester from London via Chepstow in the '80s.

Now that I'm back in the country I notice my neighbors have added several goats to their herd of chickens and roosters.

Texas Prepper

Nothing like being prepared for the coming crash. 

Have a blessed Epiphanytide,


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