Sunday, May 5, 2013

Stand and Fight

mission church

Uplifting couple of Masses this morning. I preached about the military's ban on Christian evangelisation, among other things. Some people, like "Mikey" Weinstein, think that armed forces personnel who share their faith publicly are guilty of "sedition" and "treason." In case you didn't know, the Pentagon's employing this enemy of freedom and faith as a kind of adviser. 

kitchen hunting

I suppose, given Weinsteinian logic, that the framers of the Declaration of Independence were a dangerously subversive 5th Column in the fledgling Republic, seeing as how they seditiously expressed their theism in the public square.

right on

In other news, NRA membership is over 5 million.

Right on.



David and Elizabeth Corey said...


Who's the kitchen hunter? Looks like a real talent.


LSP said...

The fearless hunter is my philisophic friend's dog, Jeb. Jeb's making some progress along the path that leads to "bird dog"...