Monday, May 13, 2013

I Love Shooting

Fake Shooter

I love shooting and if there was some way I could get out every day with the guns, well, I would. I enjoy the clean air country aspect of it, I like the skill of it, I like the explosive power shock and awe of it; I like the smell of the weapons and their mechanics, I like focusing on the front sight and the breathing, squeeze the trigger don't pull, bit of it. I like it all.

Real Shooter

Saying that, I'm not a desperately good shooter; just a decent average in the great scheme of things. And there's nothing wrong with that, at all.

Keep squeezing the trigger and God bless,



The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Great pic LSP

I'm sure its how MikeT and AndyJ picture you. You've really left the 'Hugh Grant as country parson' look behind and gone native. I'll organise an emergency shipment of Harris Tweed as soon as funds allow.

LSP said...

Badly in need of some Tweed, SBW... Come and visit when you can.

LSP said...

Oh -- nearly forgot -- give my best to MT & AJ.


Arimathean said...

This post made me think of the song, "Jeannie Needs a Shooter", co-written by Warren Zevon and Bruce Springsteen.

LSP said...