Thursday, May 30, 2013

Country Life

some truck

I'll just let the above picture speak for itself and if you're ever passing through check out the Gold Nugget. Plenty of saddles and you never know, sometimes (rarely) the odd firearm at a decent price.

I Ride JB

I've been invited to bless the Gold Nugget family farm and have a go at the hogs which terrorize the property. Must get down to business and do that.

Putin Rides Bears

In other news, I was cantering JB 'round some mesquites this morning when she skidded in mud and great was the fall of us. The horse didn't land on top of me, fortunately.

Our Ruler Rides Unicorns!

So be careful where and how you ride.

Stay on the horse,



Third News said...

and how's JB?

David and Elizabeth Corey said...

Love the truck. Note the spare tire. Even the rednecks are cautious these days. That's decadence!

As for Putin: bear or no, sometimes a brazier is helpful.

Obama's unicorn? What can one say?

LSP said...

JB's OK, Third News. Things could have gone in a much nastier direction for the pair of us than they did...

LSP said...

I was rather struck by the Unicorn; glad you like the truck!

Third News said...

"...Things could have gone in a much nastier direction for the pair of us..."

LSP, I presumed you know where you're going; an injured horse's fate is likely on top of a Frenchman's plate

Mattexian said...

Glad y'all survived the slip'n'slide! That pickup looks like an in-between state of either getting a replacement bed or turning it into a stake truck, while still being needed as the daily driver, not an uncommon sight.

LSP said...

I think your pick up analysis is right on, Mattexian. It caught the mood of my day, somehow.

The slip and slide was a little hairy, but no harm done.