Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tree Hippies

One of the things that hippies like to do is live in trees. They want to get away from the "Man" so they climb up trees and make these shelters, where they live.

shake the hippie out of the tree

French police are trying to shake the hippies out of the trees because they're making a mess. When the hippies are gone the French will build an airport and the forest will be gone, as will the hippies.

dancing hippies

I like the last part of that equation.

Here in Texas we're working pretty hard to transport the hippies out of Austin and into California. San Francisco, to be precise, where they belong.



bluesun said...

Yeah, a 1:1 trade of Austin hippies to Productive Silicon Valley Tech Workers would probably be ok, even if most of the latter still have some issues...

Silverfiddle said...

Are they an off-shoot of the druids?

Keep us posted on how the hippie export project is going.

Unfortunately, it's working the other way here in Colorado.

Californians are swarming in like a plague of locusts, escaping the mess they've made, and then insisting on passing the same laws here that wrecked their previous home.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Fortunately there aren't many trees here in Manhattan for hippies to climb up. Though a few years ago we had a teenager and his transsexual lover take off their clothes and climb up a tree in central park to declare their love.

It's times like those that one finds oneself wishing for a drone attack.

LSP said...

I'd take the swap, Bluesun.

LSP said...

Sorry to hear that news, Silverfiddle. I knew they'd wrecked Aspen long ago but it seems they're gradually messing up the rest of the state. Form a resistance!

LSP said...

I'd recommend a small drone fleet above Central Park at all times, Infidel.

When needed, which would be fairly often, just dial in an "asset."

While you're at it, perhaps a strike on Holy Trinity, Wall Street?

Just a thought.

the Egyptian said...

French police are trying to shake the hippies out of the trees

here I fixed it for you

French police are trying to shake the fruits and nuts out of the trees

don't you ever wonder where their money comes from, time for dad and mom to cut them off

LSP said...

"where their money comes from"?

I think it's mostly thieving, Egyptian. Then again, there are those "trust funds" and let's face it, Berkeley and the Sorbonne don't come cheap.


Drone strike.