Tuesday, November 6, 2012

This Horse Votes Republican

In a desperate bid to escape marauding gangs of Black Panthers and the din of the "Boss" singing "Born in the USA" ad nauseam, I headed out to the pasture after Morning Prayer for a ride.

truly appalling

JB did pretty well, moving around Mesquite obstacles and navigating trails like a civilized horse but then, after 45 minutes, she decided it was time to overthrow her master.

you'll do well running the country

We rounded a tree and she attempted a duck-out with a view to escaping to feed. Just the slightest indication of a one rein stop and the animal knew that wasn't going to work, so she instantly switched gears to a four feet off the ground right buck, with a good dose of leftward snaking kick. Why?


She obviously wanted to overthrow the tyranny of big LSP government. But look, horse, we're on the same team. For goodness sake. Regardless, I stayed on and finished the ride. 

Let's hope this short equestrian tale isn't some kind of lesson, or metaphor, for the people's attempt to unseat their current rider.

Good luck to the new boss, if there is one.



Silverfiddle said...

Does it piss you off Parson, to know you've left the Olde Continent, only to have it's overweening statism follow you?

We are becoming Europe. We'll start out trying to be collectivist Germany and end up as Greece.

There is a God in heaven, this I know. All else is up for grabs.

LSP said...

Not so happy about the statism, Silverfiddle.

Seems my horse lost.

Lukeya said...

Not sure I agree that 'overweening statism' is universally liked in Europe either (certainly not in England which is quite Conservative).

We do look for our Governments to show some competence at spending our cash however and occasionally, at least here, we lay off a million civil servants (me included!).

Opinions differ, but we of course are generally far far past our Impeerial greatness, whereas you have only just begun the long decline. It takes a lot of getting used to, trust us.....

LSP said...

Alright there, Lukeya. Thanks for the intelligent comment.

It's too bad about past "Imperial Greatness." But let's think positive.

Surely the Brigade of Guards could annex France quite handily, the Light Infantry's more than capable of holding down Italy and the County Regiments can use Benelux/Netherlands as a kind of reserve in force staging area -- if needed. Meanwhile, the Paras and Marines can serve as a Mobile Strike Force (MSF) to work as necessary.

Germany's thus contained and Spain left to go its own way to ruin along with Portugal.

Chronic UK unemployment ended, Imperial Greatness regained and our ancient enemy, France, put back in its proper place.

Who knows, in the new order of things there might just be a number of civic rail opportunities for the right people to get stuck into.

As you can see, I'm running for high political office...


lukeya said...

I love your thinking Padre!!

Actually I'm really quite enjoying being back in the Private Sector..at least the politics isn't so overweening. Profit and Customer service are pretty damned exciting too.

LSP said...

Glad PrivSec's working out, Lukeya, and I'm all in favor of you earning an impressively large amount of loot. But on one condition. Don't forget the poverty stricken rural clergy when you come into your kingdom -- or God, as the song goes, "will strike you down."

Speaking of loot, check out Harvey and Hudson; to my mind the best value in single color shirts.