Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bear Cavalry

Some people have foolishly thought they could invade and conquer Russia.

Perhaps they thought they would win through their enemy's inclination towards hard liquor.

Maybe they didn't factor in Bear Cavalry.

Bad mistake.




Mattexian said...

Not sure which would scare me more, the bears or the Cossacks! I see three different firearms in that first pic: AK-47, Ppsk, and SVD (was gonna say a M-N, but the bayo is too short, modern-style, not the long skewer).

LSP said...

Both are terrifying, Mattexian. Looks like the shadowy figure in the background has some captured Nazi kit too, interestingly.

Fortunately for me, the cossacks are fairly well disposed towards trad Anglicans.

Lukeya said...

Have you tested that theory recently Padre?

LSP said...

Oh yes, Lukeya. The Bear Cav Cossacks are pretty friendly -- to us -- the relationship goes back to Tikhon and Grafton (19th C). I usually stock up on a few industrial pallets worth of "Stoly" before they visit; pricey? Sure, but worth it.