Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Obama Says Ban Assault Rifles?

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think I just heard Obama tell the world, and a person asking a question about AK47s on tonight's "debate", that he wanted to "ban assault rifles".

For Obama and his friends, an assault rifle is a semi-automatic version of its military counterpart. Why are they more dangerous than any other semi-auto rifle? Because they look more deadly? For that matter, why are they any more deadly than a well aimed bolt? Cooper argues, convincingly, that they aren't.

I have both, not that I'm allowed to shoot people. And for those of you who think that a heavily armed society is bound to be more violent, well, have a look at Switzerland.

England, where you're put in gaol for owning a pocketknife, is far more violent. Some would say more interesting too, but that's another story.

More guns, please.



Silverfiddle said...

You nailed it early on. Assault Weapon is liberal speak for an especially scary-looking gun.

You are also correct about which is a more effective weapon.

If the spam hits the fan and, God forbid, I had to shoot people looking to attack my property and kill my family, I'm using the 30-06 or 308 with the scope, not an AR-15 or Mini 14, no matter how much fun they are to plink with.

jenny said...

I'll chime in --a couple years late-- with supporting evidence: The police in London took away my mace! (I had to scan my purse to get in a building and they saw it in there.)
I tried to explain my vulnerable living situation and asked (using my very best manners) if I could please have it back, but they said NO and looked at me as if I were a defiant, threatening, horrifying menace to society.

I do believe I was more confused in that moment than I'd ever been up to that point in my life.
Me?? I was the threatening one????

I don't personally own any guns, but I can say very honestly that I like living in a state where a lot of people do and know how to use them properly.

LSP said...

The English are so lost on this...

Happy Easter!