Monday, February 27, 2012

Just Get Out And Shoot Something

Seeing as 2012 is the Year of the Gun, I thought I'd better go out to a parishioner's range and shoot after Mass on Sunday. I like it there -- just you, the guns and, in this case, my linguistic philosopher friend GWB and his dog Jeb. he's training Jeb for a bird dog.

I was pleased with the new Lee and shot moderately well with it, far easier to handle than my friend's Winchester Featherweight. Beautiful gun with a crisp and clear Burris scope but full of sound and fury, which took a little getting used to.

The AR performed like a right little heater; neat to see the muzzle flash in the twilight, though my "walk and shoot" performance against metal plates and a silhouette was fairly dismal. Practice, LSP! Practice.

Then it was back to HQ for curry.


Shoot straight,



Third News said...

It's against internet preceptives not to post the recipe, along with the pic

I made curry once, but I'm not sure if the refrigerated paste is still edible/safe to use, but then India is carefree with their food prep, and refrigeration

jenny said...

well, I like this post, of course. Some shooting and some cookin'. (and the idea of weather in which one must wear a jacket and jeans...) Your philosopher friend has a cute dog! Go Jeb!

LSP said...

Hah! Weather...