Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Detroit House

Sensible Flag
Marthieu425 took exception to my post "Come on, Move to Detroit." He had 
this to say: "It's the most culturally diverse area in the United States. You need some culture sir. Maybe you should come visit before you comment on how "post apocalyptic" it is. It's coming back." Good call, Marthieu425. 

So off I went for a well needed dose of "culture" and who knows, maybe I'd find the Motorway City was miraculously "coming back" since I was there last August.

Red's House - no guns allowed...

Red's place on Commonwealth was better. No upended sofa on the front porch, well done, though the ceiling was still down in the "dining room" and the kitchen didn't seem to have any utilities. No change there.

Not much change anywhere, that I could see, with the exception of "Slows" which cooks good BBQ (the place was packed) and the best pint, maybe the only real pint, of ale I've had in the U.S. Not that I'm some sort of beer technologist.

But enough of that, here's some holiday snaps.


Occupied, oddly enough

Don't go in there

Greening of America

High Density

Strip Mall

Where are all the cars?

Deja Vu

Back to the Garden

Good old CPA building

No trains, sadly

There goes another one

Logan's Run
Back in the Dominion
Detroit catastrophe theorists will be mad at me for not taking any shots of spectacular brick mansions falling into ruin. There's plenty.

But is the place "coming back"? I'd say large swathes of the city have a post-apocalyptic, Nagasaki, forty years on, kind of feel.

You be the judge.

God bless,



Anonymous said...


Inside out in Detroit

LSP said...

Enjoyed the link - Anonymous.

Albertus Magnus is well worth attending for Mass.

God bless.

Julie Culshaw said...

Just after I read this post, I read Mark Steyns' After America, the chapter on Detroit no less. he confirms everything I see in your photos.

LSP said...

Poor old Detroit, Julie.

Saying that, I'd predict that the immediate downtown area will improve as the rest reverts to countryside.

Must read Mark Steyn's book.