Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bad News

There was a mighty storm here last night, so I stood on the the front porch and watched the sky light up with lightning as the rain lashed down. Like being on the prow of a ship in a gale.

Then, in the morning all was calm and blissfully cool. Pleasant. I made myself some tea and went out back to relax, only to see... that a large tree had fallen on my neighbour's house from the church car park. Disaster! No one was hurt, thank God.

Speaking of disaster, I just learned, via Ballylong and David Kearns, that Fr. Kit Cunningham had a bad past. It's on Damian Thompson's blog -- I've removed my post and agree with DT's comments. I wish I could think of something uplifting to say about this, but I can't.

Watch out for falling trees.



The Conservative Lady said...

Glad no one got hurt. There were some bad storms tonight not far from here and unfortunately someone was killed in a car when tree fell on it. So many people have been affected by the bad weather recently. So sad.

darlin said...

That was quite the storm to rip a tree out of the ground like that, roots and all! Thankfully nobody was hurt.

Have a great day LSP, goodnight on this end.

God bless.

LSP said...

It was a furious storm, CL. I was surprised the tree didn't do through the house...

LSP said...

A minor miracle that people weren't hurt, Darlin. I slept through most of it -- would have liked to see the thing fall... dramatic.

darlin said...

LSP that would be freaky to watch trees being ripped right out of the ground, I guess you weren't intended to see it. I hope you had a fantastic sleep which it sounds you did. I can sleep through some storms, I'm not so sure about ones such as this. I hope all is peaceful.

LSP said...

I agree Darlin, it would have been freaky - dramatic though, too.

Apart from trees crashing down, all seems fairly peaceful.

God bless.