Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Space Junk

Broken Down Space Junk ACoC?

According to the Sun newspaper, a British stargazer has taken an amazing video of a UFO crossing the face of the sun Anglican Communion.

"Malcolm Park was taking a series of photos of the huge star through a specially filtered telescope when a strange object began to drift across it.

Malcolm, of South West London, said: 'I was recording activity on the sun when I caught this strange encounter. It looks like an irregularly-shaped lump of rock and is clearly rotating very quickly.

'I wondered if what I captured was a piece of space junk or, with the way it was tumbling, a small asteroid the Anglican Church of Canada (ACoC).'

Malcolm said he had ruled out the possibility of a plane or a bird because of the strange shape and absence of any wings."

Due to its unpredictable course, experts wonder if the tiny but erratic ACoC will fall into the Sun and explode, or hurtle into deep space.

Head Astronaut +Michael Ingham

ACoC's scientific expert, The Rt. Rev. Michael Ingham of the Diocese of New Westminster, was unavailable for comment.


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