Monday, April 19, 2010

Fire on the Mountain

Being a fan of Velikovsky, and catastrophism in general, I was struck by pictures of Iceland's volcanic eruption - of biblical proportion.

According to Ayatollah Sedighi, disasters like this (especially earthquakes) are caused by sin and the notoriously lax morals of Persian women.

That's ridiculous, everyone knows they're caused by Episcopalien Boy Bishop Jefferts Schori and her diminutive pelosian ally, ACoC.

In the meanwhile, ash is falling over Europe. Stay tuned for the next Ice Age - just you wait and see.

God bless,



Teresa said...

I can see the headlines: Global warming causes New Ice Age.

That was an interesting picture of the smoke and ash.

Anonymous said...

You crack me up Parson!

I'm wondering how much the UN is going to fine Iceland for all the environmental damage...


I think the ice age has already began, this will only make it worse.