Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Twilight Of The Birds

Sunset over the killing fields
Tragic metaphor for the Anglican Communion?

Managed to get out with a gun and have a go at the birds. There weren't many flyers and I missed rather more than I hit; still, got enough for a decent dove snack tomorrow. And all that's more than fine by me because I love shooting - hit or miss - and I love getting out in the country. I find there's a freedom in it. Anyway, hope to revisit the fowling grounds on Friday for more dove and maybe a rabbit or two; saw lots this evening but held off.

On another theme, my philosopher friend GWB alerted me to Wittgenstein's contempt of Mahler; who'd have thought it? Here's what he said:

“If it is true that Mahler’s music is worthless, as I believe to be the case, then the question is what I think he ought to have done with his talent. For quite obviously it took a set of very rare talents to produce this bad music.”

I don't have a dog in the fight, so to speak, because I don't listen to the despised Mahler, but I like the quote. Just think, you could swap out 'Mahler' and 'music' for 'The Archbishop of Canterbury' and 'theology', or 'Ragsdale' and 'ethics', or 'ACORN' and... etc.

Good shooting.



Julie said...

I'm amazed that you guys eat doves ... it would never occur to me that you could / would (they're probably protected here anyway - but I'm not going to check).

Anonymous said...

I like the quote as well. Witty take on it.

Good luck dove hunting. I plan on doing some rabbit hunting later in the year.

LSP said...

Alright chaps. Dove meat's pretty tasty Julie but you don't want to overcook it - we eat the breast (I wrap mine in bacon).

Glad you liked the quote Foutsc, I thought it was amusing; made a decent start against the doves, rabbits later as opp. arises - maybe deer too. Oh, and there's always the perennial hog menace...

Shibby said...

I like a bit of Mahler

LSP said...

Good old Mahler - not quite sure why Wittgenstein disliked him so much. Odd.

darlin said...

Beautiful photo once again LSP. I find that the country is so calming and serene. I adore being in the country and playing in the dirt, there is something extremely theraputic about gardening which I am going to miss. Mind you my calander is pretty full at the moment!

Happy hunting and have a great evening.

Dr. Dave said...

Or you could swap out "Mahler" and "music" with "Obugger" and "lies."

But...admittedly...I have an obsession to point out the man's failings.

MK said...

Shooting your lunch down, now that's what you call convenience and value. :)

LSP said...

Dr. - the thought had crossed my mind too!

MK - thanks for stopping by. 'Convenience and value' for sure - fun too.