Monday, September 14, 2009

Episcopal Church Speaks Out!

Following the tragic murder of 63 year anti-abortion protestor, James Pouillon, the head of the prestigious Episcopal Divinity School, Rev. Ragsdale, declared him a 'saint'. "This is about the loss of a man who was a saint and a martyr," said Ragsdale before an Episcopal memorial service held in Pouillon's honor.

Just kidding! The Episcopal Church didn't say anything at all about Pouillon's murder but they did about Dr. Tiller, the well known abortionist who was killed earlier this summer. Here's an excerpt from the service celebrating his life (from Crunchy Con):

"Since the 1970s, Dr. Tiller has provided critical abortion and reproductive health care at great personal risk. In doing so, he has saved the lives and futures of countless women and girls across the country. His murder is a tragedy... for the women who need his care and for the entire community of health care providers and advocates, and for all of us who believe in a woman's right to dignity and self-determination. Please join us in honoring this great man who truly lived by his motto to "Trust Women."

And guess what, Ragsdale really does think Tiller a 'saint' and 'martyr'. You can read her comments here and here, if you're in the mood. But be warned, Ragsdale thinks abortion's a 'sacrament' - which one, the eighth?

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Just so you know, more Christians are being martyred now than at any other time in history.



darlin said...

Interesting post, I want to read more when time permits. I do belive that abortion is a woman's right and it is her body and her life which is affected with the birth of a child. So yes, allow women the freedom of choice.

Myself personally, I would never have an abortion. This is obvious, I had my first child at 15 and although I did give up my life, my youth and my "fun" days, it was a selfless decision on my part. This decision was not a "me" decision, it was a "we" (myself and my unborn child) decision. And today my son is 30, married and doing very well in his life. He and his wife are making me a granny and I am soooo excited. So yes, I did the proper thing for myself and my child, but does this give me the right to judge anyone for opting for an abortion? NO.

LSP said...

Many, many congrats on the grandchild!

God bless.

darlin said...

Thank you LSP.

Have a great evening, I am off to get to the essay I have started... after my post that is! :-)

Good night and God Bless.

The Conservative Lady said...

Too bad they could praise the abortionist and ignore the anti-abortionist. Since when does a church condone abortion?

Red said...

I think it is bad taste for the church to uplift Dr. Tiller for his services. If they wanted to acknowledge his life, they could have done so without sanctifying the services he performed. Murder is wrong and in his case, two wrongs didn't make a right. They seldom do. Then again I think it is strange to have women in the clergy.

LSP said...

CL - I agree and more than a few would question TEC's ecclesial credentials. My question is, what God do the Ragsdalians worship - Moloch?

Red - bad taste isn't in it and I'll second the clergy point. Thanks for dropping by.

Teresa said...

Gee, this church represents morality-NOT.

Its a sad time in America when people think a murderous abortionist who was murdered deserves mourning and not a pro-life activist that was murdered. That rationale makes absolutely no sense.

LSP said...

Teresa - I have to agree.

Third News said...

The radicalization of your church was partially brought about by the exclusion of women.

Without question, women have the same religious calling as men, but their rejection was met with jacobin women, and their strategically aggressive (and cunning) displacement of orthodox Anglicanism.

LSP said...

The same calling, 3rd News? To be a father? A different calling, surely.

That aside, I'd agree with you and for a fact, the jacobin strategy has been remarkably successful. of course they're beginning to be eclipsed by the ascendant LGBT division, of which the T is, er, waxing mighty strong.

But hey, their work's done. One patriarchal oppressive church wrecked.