Saturday, September 5, 2009

Birds, Pistol, Alien

Drove out to my Treasurer's land today in search of doves; saw some, shot at one, missed and had an armed stroll about the countryside. Pleasant.

The neighbouring farms seemed to be getting lots of action, judging from the sound of multiple shotguns firing off, but things were quiet in my neck of the woods, so I changed tack and shot targets (hubcaps) with the .45. This increased the volume to an acceptable level and kept my side of things up - I felt. Sure enough, the neighbouring shotgun reports started to change to centrefire and I didn't feel so bad about missing the birds. Everyone was just out with their guns by the sound of things, and what's wrong with that? Nothing, in my book.

Great to get out in the field, off again on Monday and who knows, might get some birds.

On a different theme, just heard that the new Japanese Leader's wife believes she was abducted by aliens to Venus, which she found pleasantly green, and that there's some sort of plan to fly the Chinese flag on the Whitehouse. A strange confluence of aspects.




Shibby said...

I for one welcome our communist alien overlords

tom said...

.30-06 and .458 pistol load developments are still in process and the 235 .375H&Hs are flying like happy little homing pigeons with rocket engines strapped to their arses. Might be time to hit the range by Briggs again one of the weekdays I'm not in the rockies and see if I can teach you how to not drop a rifle caliber pistol since I beat you up with the belted mag rifles last time around? Might even get around to plinking with .22s...

Ain't no alien getting by a 350 grainer screaming past the sound barrier and the barrier of stupidly high ME pistols like a raped ape that just saw that feller his momma ape had claimed was his "step-dad" but turned out wasn't. That's yer standard anti-zombie/alien .45(8) caliber pistol loading. ACPs are sorta smallish for serious social discourse.

If you put a bit of wood in the tips like the UK used to do with .303 bullets they tumble on entry better because of the imbalance on impact AND work on vampires too, provided you make a good heart shot (not to be confused with the "Texas Heart Shot, as that's different".

Boomer Lad

plainolebob said...

lmao, i heard it would be a pumped fist flag

darlin said...

Tom, what is the difference between a Texas heart shot and a good heart shot? Or dare I ask? lol

tom said...

Angle of entry. Very much different angle of entry.