Thursday, September 17, 2009

1st Church of Space Pelosi

Rare LSP Bullseye

After a hearty but probably unhealthy lunch of bacon and dove my mind veered towards religion and the civil war that's going on in North American Anglicanism. What's happening is that traditional dioceses and parishes are leaving TEC (The Episcopal Church) and TECis suing them for their property and assets.

That would be fine except that TEC doesn't have any laws in place (Canons) prohibiting dioceses from leaving, which isn't surprising because its a voluntary association - at diocesan level. A judge realised this yesterday in Texas and you can read his comments here, and detailed commentary here. But the question is, why would TEC appeal to their laws, or 'Canons', when they're silent on the subject?

Some think its because they've made the fundamental mistake of believing their own marketing, other experts posit a different reason. Its because they're 'pelosian' space aliens; you see, they just don't think as we do.

Well, time and the Courts will tell. I'm for the Diocese of Fort Worth and the other seccessionists; why should they be forced to be part of a Union run by creatures from another planet? Check out Black Widow's blog for a similar argument.

In similar vein, you'll notice that the People's Republic of Camden has banned Christianity. Lets hope that doesn't happen here in the U.S.; next thing you know they'll ban prayer in school and start issuing Moslem postage stamps. Just you wait and see.




foutsc said...

Interesting connections... I think they've probably bought into their own BS. Our politicians definitely have.

Glad to see others besides myself using masking tape to make those targets last longer.

LSP said...

The tape's a must.

TEC's in a bit of a state - they have to use the real threat of aggressive litigation to hold their structure together. And for sure, they doubtless believe their own propaganda.

tom said...

Could we have Mossberg postage stamps instead?

LSP said...

Good call! Looking forward to photoshop prototypes on the excellent Boomers site, (you'll have to excuse me for plagiarizing 'pelosian').


tom said...

I like M1s, M-16s, and M-14s even better than Mossbergs, if I were to make a stamp :-)


LSP said...

Yes - Mossberg's are great & I like mine a lot but the other gun/stamp options are even better - if you were to make a stamp series, that is. A very worthy project...