Sunday, August 2, 2009

Only Mad dogs and , er, Englishmen...

Union Jack

...go out in the noonday sun after two Sung Masses. Except, of course, that the "mad dogs" didn't; they were sensibly keeping their heads down while I went out to hunt them in 104* heat. You see, there's this cruel new trend here of people dropping off their unwanted attack dogs in the countryside. They go feral, pack up and attack livestock and, if they get the chance, humans. My Treasurer saw some yesterday and invited me out to "git 'em" after church. Damn good chap, the Treasurer. Evidently the dogs are black, betwixt the size of a coyote and a wolf, and six in number. Their tails are short, interestingly.

I was there, gun in hand, stealthy.

They were doubtless sleeping. I kept going, to the Valley of the Dry Bones...

Still no dogs, so I went untactical, had a smoke and shot a rabbit. They've become a menace.

Spent the rest of the afternoon shooting empty shotgun cartridges off of haybales with the venerable JC Higgins .22. Childish, but fun. Altogether a good way to unwind after the the Sunday morning biznai.

Back in the A/C now, contemplating next move against wild dog pack. Perhaps scoped AR in .308 would be sensible?

God bless,


PS. Stay tuned for linguistic philosopher GWB's Hog poem.


Mattexian said...

As much as I hate the thought of needing to shoot dogs (I love mine too much), I understand the threat ferals pose. From my own observations on the dogs running loose around here (in town), your best time to catch them is probably when you couldn't shoot them safely- namely, at night. Otherwise, dusk and dawn are next best, I'd think. Maybe with a strong spotlight, too.

LSP said...

I know - its bad to shoot dogs, but ferals are a hazard.

Dusk and dawn are probably the best time to catch them; so far they've been spotted in the mornings... spotlight's a good idea.


The Fact Compiler said...

Padre - it's a Union flag.

A Union Jack flies on a jack staff.


LSP said...

Thanks Fact Compiler.

Hope you assisted at the Sacred Mysteries on Sunday.

Vastly enjoy your powerful blog.