Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hog Hunt Pt. 2

2 wild hogs

I wish I could say that the red pick up, the dog and the two hogs were mine, but they're not. They belong to a successful hunter who actually manages to shoot wild pigs, probably because he sees them, gets them in his sights, fires and kills them. That wasn't me on Tuesday, despite the best intentions.

Thanks to last week's reconnaisence in force we had a pretty good idea of where the pigs were active and moved off at a little past first light, adreniline up. The hogs had been spotted most mornings rooting about on some flat land next to a creek, which is where we went. I figured there was a good chance of success, because we were stealthy and prepared. There were no pigs on the flat.

Next we worked the brush and thickets where they'd broken cover on Friday. Nothing. Undaunted, one team of shooters scouted down a creek bed favored by the swine, while I went through the woods that overlooked it. I saw a young buck and a doe, very beautiful, and a skunk, but no hogs - for either group.

Spurious picture of my hogless pick up and some guns

Chances are we walked right by them, hunkered down and sleeping - or they've moved on to better things. But I doubt it, the signs are that they're still there; we'll probably have to bait them - beer corn is the plan.

As it turns out, a great walk in the country with rifles and sidearms, which is fine by me; would've been even better to have come face to face with the opposition. Still, you know what they say, "its not over till its over" and I don't think we've reached that point...

More on summer hog hunts as they come.



LL said...

Do you butcher them for the table?

The one on the left (photo) looked very good size. We hunt then in California as well, but this isn't the season - better in the autumn.

I'm looking forward to your trophy shot!

Then again I look at hunting in much the way Thoreau looked at fishing - it's not really the fish they're after.

Albert A Rasch said...

If at first you don't succeed... Try aiming! LOL

Better luck next time as we are fond of saying. Perhaps though, you are approaching this all wrong... Back in the day you fellows from over the pond used horses and lances. Maybe that's what the problem is. Ghosts of the Bengal Club keep on mucking up your chances. It could be.

Best regards,
Albert A Rasch
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LSP said...

LL - Thoreau certainly had a point; still, hog meat can be good and its pretty much open season in Texas. This particular lot are terrorising a friend's ranch, hence the activity. They wisely kept their heads down Tuesday...

LSP said...

Albert - you're right.

The whole approach needs to change. Get on a horse, we have plenty and I like them, then gallop full tilt w/lance at the tuskers! Nice.

As it goes, the person who was going to bait them didn't, so we had an enjoyable but fruitless stalk.

Still, the pigs are pretty young - they'll make for larger targets next time - if we see them...

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Just come back from a day with Horsemouth. he says to say Hi. Keep going - you'll get 'em.
PS albert was too modest to mention but he has a great post about baiting hogs

LSP said...

Good - give HM all best when you see him.

I'll check Albert's bait post - we'll get them and eat them.

Still, I like the 'pig sticking' idea + it marries well with the supernatural...