Sunday, July 5, 2009

Help - I'm Confused!

This is the logo for the upcoming General Convention of The Episcopal Church (TEC) in Anaheim, California. But I'm confused; I can't see anything discernably Christian about it. Can you? Maybe I'm missing something - please help!

Yours, psyching up for the Ubuntu of it all,



tom said...

Sounds like a kinky gay sex thing.

LSP said...

It probably is - unfortunately...

BW said...

I cannot understand it. I do think the strange flower is sinister.

LSP said...

I know - it has an eerie inner glow. The scary swirling things are people, evidently.

Ubuntu translated means "I am because we are." Are what? Sinister.


Roland said...

I in You and You in Me

. . . and we are all together. It is somehow fitting that the theme for GenCon2009 should remind one of the lyrics of "I Am the Walrus."

LSP said...

I know - its deeply fitting.

I'm waiting to see if they pass any of the 30 odd LGBT resolutions.



The Byzantine Rambler said...

Forgive me, but when I saw that title all I could think of was a hall full of people swaying back and forth chanting "everbody's got one" while a speaker intoned the refrain: I am Walrus - Goo goo gaboob!

LSP said...

I understand - felt the same way myself, as did Roland.

Have discovered that Ubuntu has a fair amount to do with ancestor worship...



tom said...

I in you and you in me-->
Frank Zappa, Sheik Yerbouti album:

I have been in you, baby
And you
Have been in me
And we
Have be
So intimately
And it sure was fine

and then it gets "slightly dirty" regarding ways I'm going in you again...

Was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the poster, no "I Am The Walrus" at all.

Back to it being a kinky sex thing as far as I'm concerned...

LSP said...

Thanks for that - love FZ - sometimes, esp. Sheik.

General Convention is very deeply insane.

I doubt California helps...

All Hail Texas!


Mattexian said...

Sorry for chiming in a little late, but their slogan reminds me of the "Namaste" greeting popularized by yoga classes; it's supposed to mean "The Divine within me recognizes the Divine within you."

LSP said...

I know - and your comment's well appropriate.

They are a right scandal.

Of course they're trying to pretend, presently, that they "haven't done anything".

Nobody's fooled.

Keep the Faith.