Saturday, May 30, 2009

What a Plinker!

You know what they say, "Practice makes perfect", and I guess that's as true of shooting as anything else, so I like to keep my skills up - well, get some even, by going out in the field to plink about at targets. Mostly I drive to  my Treasurer's ranch and shoot up against hay bales - its good to visit with him (a fund of wisdom and kindness) then move off to get some targets.

The problem is, its not cheap. Taking any large caliber weapon out for pratice costs money and, for me, lots of it - that's if you can even get the ammo, which isn't easy. Very frustrating, leading innevitably to... the .22. Cheap, fun and it keeps your aim in.

With that in mind, I prefer company and get it sometimes in the bearded form of GWB, who tested his semi-auto Browning Takedown out on the feed sacks to good success. I love the Browning; elegant, pretty accurate and the first rifle I ever shot, with my Uncle on some land around Denton in the '70s. Anyway, you can see one leaning up against the tail gate of the truck. I tried out a pawn shop special, a bolt action JC Higgins, and the results were good; vastly dead Remington ammo carton and several Quarters who came up against me on sticks. Great enjoyment.

Moral of the story? Don't scorn the humble .22. Bolt action or semi? Both are good.

Have a blessed Feast of Pentecost.



The Black Widow said...

Amen on the 22....However sometimes you must splurge on the shotgun shells...Usually I dont go out but once or twice a year...So when I go....I go prepared...

You are a good writer....very good blog...

Dam You...

The Black Widow

LSP said...

Thanks BW, you're kind.

I try to get out for a shoot two or three times a week; lately its been .22, shotgun (12) and .45. Bit out of centerfire practice though - need to put that right.

The thing is, I prefer shooting on private land and that's not always practical with higher cal. rifles - unless the land's 'big'.

Cheers - will link to your blog.